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Security Tips


Keep your passwords safe by:

1) Using both uppercase and lowercase letters, as well as numbers and punctuation to make your password more secure. Example: $$$4pLaY!!! But remember, passwords are CASE sensitive. Password cracking programs like LC3 will decrypt a poor/weak password in minutes.
(I cracked 35 Network Admins passwords in 3 hours using LC3 in a security class - pretty scary)

2) Do not use a password that can easily be associated with you, i.e., your birthday, social security number, your children's names, nicknames, or favorite hobbies.

3) Make your password hard to guess and easy to remember (combining random words together often works well). LC3 will check ALL dictionary words. So, don't use them.

4) Never tell your password to anyone.

5) Never email your password to anyone.

6) Never write your password on a Post-It and then stick it to your computer or monitor.
(You would be surprised)

7) Never use the same username and password!

8) The longer it is the harder it is to crack. (over 8 characters is better)

9) Don't use the same password for everything. Your email, bank, ATM etc...

10) Don't give out your password over the phone. Hackers call this Social Hacking. They call up and claim to be "Someone in IT or management" and they need to verify your VPN password or user account info.
(Usually targeting new employees)

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