Bray Networking
985 Rosita rd.
CA 94044

Tel: (650) 355-5284
Cell: (415) 250-3638



Network setup and configuration.

Bray Networking specializes in setting up Small Business and Home Networks. From Windows 2000 Server (Active Directory) to home based Networks connected to the Internet via a broadband (T1/DSL/Cable) connection.

With a Network you can share your single DSL, Cable, or T1 account with every computer in your home or business. So, now you can easily...

• Share Files
• Printers
• MP3's/Music Files
• Back up important data
• Play games “head to head”
• Surf the Web - all at the same time
• Enjoy the safety of a Firewall
• Terminate unnecessary Dial-up accounts

We act as the entire IT Department for many companies and are both Microsoft and SonicWALL Certified.
If you have any questions or would like an estimate feel free to give us a call (650) 355-5284 to discuss your companies or home Networking needs.

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