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Wireless installs and Configuration

A Wireless Home Network lets you share your single DSL, Cable, or T1 account with every
computer in your home or business.
So, now you can easily...

• Share Files
• Printers
• Zip Drives
• MP3's/Music Files
• Back up important data
• Play games “head to head”
• Surf the Web - all at the same time
• Enjoy the safety of a Firewall (included)
• Terminate unnecessary Dial-up accounts
• Let your kids “chat” on their own computers
• Work from your deck or bathtub (Laptop suggested!)

All you need is a broadband connection (DSL/Cable or T1) and we can do the rest.

Setting up your new Wireless Network takes us just one day! No wires, no mess

Join the wireless revolution by calling us today and scheduling an appointment (415) 250-3638

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